Book Coaching

Do you have a book inside you, but you’re having a little trouble getting it out? As a book coach – and as an author myself – I love nothing more than to help turn your literary dream into a reality!

Whatever stage you are at, I would be glad to work with you to move your book project forward:

  • Book Discovery. You’ve got a general idea, but you need help focusing. I’ll work with you to establish your goals and objectives, target audience, general structure, content, voice, and more.
  • Outline Development. It’s time to get specific about structure and content: what are you going to say, and when are you going to say it? Together, we’ll create an outline for your book that will guide your writing and draw in your readers.
  • Content Gathering. Getting the basic content down on paper so you can effectively work with it can be a challenge. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, skip important information, or miss the next step in a logical sequence. I will work with you to get your ideas, insights, and knowledge down in black and white.
  • Coaching and Consultation. Books are long, involved projects. It helps to have someone you can call on for questions, advice, assessments, and good, old-fashioned encouragement!

It’s time to get the book that’s inside, outside! Call me today at 610-287-3977 – I’ll help you make it happen!

Don’t put your book off any longer –
it’s time your name appeared as a byline!