Authoring a book in your area of expertise is practically unbeatable when it comes to establishing credibility and raising awareness of your company. And with today’s technology, your distribution options are many and varied. You can seek traditional publishing through an established publishing house, elect to self-publish with print-on-demand production to keep your costs low, or launch your work as an ebook, thereby eliminating any printing and production expenses.

The hitch is obvious: writing a book takes time, effort, and skill, whether you’re talking about a 30-page ebook or a 300-page printed magnum opus.

The solution is simple: call me today at 610-287-3977 and see the book you always wanted to write take life before your eyes through my professional ghostwriting services.

Once your book or ebook is written, you will be able to:

  • Launch press releases announcing your book
  • Sell your book on your website
  • Offer your book as an incentive to potential new customers
  • Distribute copies of your book at networking events, presentations, and trade shows
  • Submit excerpts from your book as articles to trade journals and magazines

You may want to test the waters with a short ebook of 30-50 pages. Or perhaps you already know you want a longer work to capture the expertise of a lifetime.

Whatever you want, you only need to make one call:
it’s time your name appeared as a byline!