The Problem with Great Service

“What differentiates you from your competition?” is one of the key questions I ask my clients. Almost invariably among their responses is the answer, “We offer great service.”

The problem with great service is that everybody claims to offer it – whether or not they actually do!

So do you not want to tell people you offer great service? Of course not! But you have to give the claim real value and weight – and that comes by answering the additional questions, “How do you offer great service? What does great service from your company look like?”

For example, great service may mean …

  • You always get a real person when you call – not an endless voicemail system.
  • Your point person is the chief engineer in charge of the project, not a junior account representative.
  • You have unlimited email support or access to a Facebook Q&A forum when you purchase our product.

Remember: “service” by itself is a vague, ambiguous word. People want to know one thing: “WIIFM” – What’s in it for me? Answer that question, and you will do your clients a great service!

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